The 4th (Revised and Updated) Edition of The Academic’s Handbook

Co-edited by Lori Flores & Jocelyn Olcott

Duke University Press, 2020

This completely revised and updated version of The Academic’s Handbook provides helpful advice to academics at every career stage from entering the job market, through one’s first job and (for those on this track) the process of getting tenure, and then onto negotiating the challenges of accepting leadership and administrative roles at their institutions. It gathers the wisdom of diverse contributors who are thoughtful about research and scholarship, engaging students and the wider public, service and mentorship, and valuing one’s professional promise and personal wellness.

This handbook frankly addresses how academia has changed--a more competitive and uncertain job market has led to widespread precarity, teaching and service loads have become more burdensome, and institutions of higher learning are becoming increasingly corporatized. In wise and accessible language, contributors from a wide range of scholarly disciplines and career stages affirm what is exciting and fulfilling about academic work, while advising readers about how to set and protect boundaries around their energy and labor.

Among other topics, this edition tackles debates around technology, social media, and free speech in classrooms and wider campus communities; successful publishing and grant-writing in a changing landscape of resources; the many kinds of diversity among students, staff, and faculty to which we must attend; and how to balance work and personal responsibilities. A passionate and compassionate volume, this book demystifies life in the academic profession.